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Mrs. Jackie Lee (Instructional Coach) » RCS Essential Programs 2020

RCS Essential Programs 2020

 Essential Software Programs

The instructional coaches at the building level are the first line of support for the programs listed below.  Student access most programs through Clever.


Click Here for a Clever Overview







Video Overview

Clever brings all K12 applications into one secure portal and provide single sign-on for everyone in the district


Edlio Websites

  •         School Webpage Editor
  •          Teacher Webpage Editor
  •          Pages can be updated from any device
  •          RCS employees log in with Office 365
  •          Parents and students can subscribe to the teachers webpage to receive push notifications.



  •      Student Information System
  •          Schedule building
  •          Discipline records
  •          Attendance
  •          Teacher Gradebooks/Report Cards
  •          Parent Portal available to update records, view student progress, register new students
  •          Teacher/Parent Messaging Center






  • Kiddom Is a Learning Management System (LMS).
  •          First stop for RCS students to access blended or distance learning materials.
  •          Parent access via app
  •          Teachers can create digital lessons by :
    •     uploading content such as articles and videos,
    •     creating formative questions, quizzes,
    •     linking to third party apps
  •          Coming soon-grades sync with Skyward



  • Zoom for video conferencing.
  •          Easy access via secure url and password
  •          Works on all devices and browsers without being a member of the RCS domain.
  •          Student video is enabled so teachers can see students
  •          Teachers can control student video
  •          Teachers can record meetings and share their screen.



Microsoft Office 365 Email and Apps


  •          Email/Calendar
  •          One Drive 1 TB file storage and file sharing
  •          Online Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Sway, Microsoft Forms, TEAMS, One Note, and STREAM video hosting.
  •          RCS employees or students can Communicate and Collaborate
  •          Teachers can create and host Instruction Videos



Limited K-2

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications.

  •          TEAMS for collaboration with PLCs, Staff, or Classrooms
  •           Collaborate with videos, files, posts, and video conferencing.
  •          Microsoft’s answer to Google Classroom. 
  •          The Class TEAM has the ability to create Assignments and give feedback. 




Click Here for a Flipgrid Overview

Flipgrid is a website that allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions.

  •          Teachers can use video to pose questions or can model a skill.
  •          Students respond to the prompt with a video “showing what you know”.
  •          Students can respond to peers' video posts
  •          Teachers can provide feedback to student posts.
  •          Office 365 single sign on
  •          Can be used on any device





Click Here for a Playposit Overview

Playposit is an interactive web-based video platform.

  •          Create self-paced video lessons from Youtube, Vimeo, or teacher created videos.
  •          Interactions within the video records student responses.
  •          Students access via Office 365 single sign on
  •          Can be used on any device.





Click Here for a Nearpod Overview

  •          Instructional Delivery resource
  •          Content such as pdfs, pictures, videos, and powerpoints can be uploaded into Nearpod.
  •          Web sites and third-party apps can be embedded.
  •          Can be used whole group (Teacher Led) or Student Paced.
  •          Interactive activities embedded throughout the lesson.
  •          Activities can be discussion boards, various questions types, game boards, virtual field trips, and Phet simulations. 
  •          Teachers can collect data from interactive activities.





i-Ready is an online program for reading and/or mathematics that helps teacher(s) determine a student’s learning needs.

  •          Diagnostic tests are given in the first weeks of school, mid year, and end of the year
  •           Personalized learning paths are created based on Diagnostic test results.
  •          Teachers can use data to tailor small group or one on one instruction.
  •          Standards based Assessments are available to monitor Tier 1 effectiveness.
  •          Students log in via Clever and their Office 365 log in credentials.






·         Mastery Connect

·         Grade Cam

District Assessment Program

Teachers have the option of using Mastery Connect and Grade Cam.

Details TBD

Tested Subjects Only




Moby Max

MobyMax finds and fixes learning gaps with the power of personalized learning.

  •          Curriculum from Pre K to 8th grade:  Math, Reading, Language, Science, Social Studies.
  •          Diagnostic tests and adaptive curriculum create individualized education plan for each student.
  •          Teachers can make assignments
  •          Game play as reward for student time on task.

K-8 and SPED 9-12





BrainPop is an educational video hosting site.

  •          Over 1,000 short animated videos grades K-12.
  •          Quizzes, worksheets, and games
  •           Subjects cover concepts in science, social studies, english, math, engineering and technology, health, and arts and music.

School Purchase





Easy CBM

  •          Benchmark and progress monitoring for K-12 Reading and High School Math
  •           Benchmarks are given beginning of year, mid-year and spring.