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Welcome to Tarpley Farms

Get to know me......
Hello! My name is Laurie Tarpley,  and I am the teacher and learner of Tarpley Farms. I have been a teacher for 14 years. The first part of my teaching experience was in first grade. I loved teaching children to read and establish a love for learning.  I then moved to second grade where I have found my home. Second grade is such a great place. We are doing, learning, growing, learning more, and growing more. I take teaching as seriously as I take growing and loving my own children. I will give you 500 percent. 
I am a mommy, teacher, sister, daughter, lifetime learner, runner, friend, farmer, gardener, reader, crafter, pinterester, and christian. These are not in any particular order :) I love school. I love teaching school. I love being in school. I love being a part of a child's educational journey. I want to be the teacher that they remember forever.
A little history........
I LOVE History!!!!
I have lived in Middle Tennessee since I was 10 years old. I moved here from Oklahoma. I am a daddy's girl. I have learned so much about life from my daddy. I attended John Overton High School in Nashville, and then moved on to Middle Tennessee State University where I graduated with my BS,  and later my Masters degree in Advanced Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in literacy . I realized that I wanted to be a teacher in the 7th grade. I had the most amazing teacher. Her name is Carolyn Dobbins,  and she used to say "listen to the lights". I am still in  contact with her! I live in Murfreesboro, and love it. I have 3 children. Morgan(17),  Isaac(14), and Keaton(6). Being a mommy is so special and important to me. Morgan will be attending UT Knoxville in the fall. Isaac is starting Riverdale High School in August. Keaton will be with me at Campus School and I am SOOO excited for the both of us. There are big things happening for all of us.......... We grow and improve with change. I can't wait for this journey!

This weeks summary:

We had a great week!

We have worked really hard on John Phillip Duck. I will send their mentor books home on Monday after I grade their comprehension. Last weeks book came home today. It is yellow and has a chicken on it

 Their comprehension grade comes from the Newsela article...... The kids really enjoyed this story. Get them to tell you about the parts inside the book!!!!!



A LOOK ahead:

Our lunch time will be at 11:00-11:30- during testing. 

We are so excited about our field trip on THURSDAY!!!

In Math, we continue to spiral different problems and worked a lot on adding 2 three digit numbers with regrouping.  Next week we will begin Lesson 14 subtracting 3 digit numbers.  Chapter 13 quiz to come home on Monday. Remember, you have your other math books at home, if you'd like to know the kinds of problems we are doing.


Our biggest project this week has been our caterpillars.  Your child is a proud parent of 2 caterpillars.  Ask them about their food and the things that they need to survive.



We are down to two duck eggs. I am thinking maybe the others were not fertilized because we never saw any veins. The other two are doing well and we got to see movement in both of the eggs this week. 



Wish LIST:

This next week will be Mrs. Sensat's last week with our class. 

If anyone has anything that they would like to contribute to help towards sending Mrs. Sensat off prepared, please send that in by Tuesday. I have a very sweet book that I got her that I am going to let the kids sign!
Also, if your child would like to write a thank you note to her, we will enclose that too. There is nothing more special than a hand written note!

Her help has been so valuable. 


We are still in need of some items before the school year ends. 

Clorox wipes to help keep us healthy through testing and the end of the year! We will be handling ducks!!!! 


Can we help out 3-5th grades???? We want to boost moral and help encourage the testers!!!!

Next week, 3-5 graders will begin testing.  We have the opportunity to  sponsor a classroom and sent them incentives to do well on the test. We need SmartiesCookies (a package of Oreo's or any kind), and any kind of lollipops.  We will each make something to go with the treat. We will make things like "You are a smartie pants" 

 The kids are going to create these for other kids, so no parent assistance needed 




WE START READING CHARLOTTE's WEB NEXT WEEK> We will begin reading this together (each child will have a copy and we will incorporate this as our shared read) and we are going to read 2 chapters a day. Your little one may bring the book home with them if we have to use home time to stay caught up! We will watch the movie one day in May after we complete the reading. I will be bringing in a pig, a spider, a rat, and some goats to really bring the book alive. Please let me know if you are willing to help me set up the in house petting zoo and help take care of them. I think we can fit them all in here and limit the distractions. I will just need some of you to come in and pet them and love them so they will not be to loud!




P.S. Totally kidding about the petting zoo! HA!

P.P.S. Our door is totally cute!!! Stop by to see it. It will make you smile. (Thank you Hollie and Angela)



Research shows for every year that a person spends reading (either independently or being read aloud to), his/her lifetime earning potential goes up considerably. For a time investment of approximately 87 hours a year (20 minutes a day for 5 days a week), you can increase your childā€™s ability to support him or herself in the future considerably.
Important dates:
May 12th- All library books are due.
May 15th- Muffins for Mom @ 9:00
May 16th- End of the year picnic
May 18th- Skate Night at 3:30
May 19th- 5th grade graduation
May 22- Talent Show
May 23rd- Volunteer Breakfast at 8:00
Field Day 8:30-Awards at 1:30
May 24th- End of the Year Party- 2nd grade awards ceremony
May 25th- No School for students
May 26th- 8-9 pick up report card
Snack Rotation For May
8-Mrs. Tarpley
18- Geoffrey
19- Hunter
24- Bay