Ms. Nolan

 Hello and welcome to Campus School! I have taken the position here at Campus to support children who may need to learn in a less traditional way.  I attained my dual certification Bachelors Degree in Elementary and Special Education from St. Josephs College in New York.  I soon realized I wanted to learn more to support those who learn differently, so worked towards my Masters Degree in Special Education from Dowling College and then furthered my education with an Administration Certification. I never want to stop learning!
Here at Campus School, I have the unique position of working as both the Special Education department as well as the Intervention lead.  With that said, I am able to work with all and any student we see that may be falling behind at any grade level.  Our goal is to provide small direct instruction to clear up misconceptions and remediate skills as quickly as possible.  Some students do benefit from the additional daily support and may stay in intervention longer, but our goal is always to see child growth academically and emotionally.
Once in an intervention group, we will work to drill down and see what learning style works best.  We often use multi-sensory approaches to not only make learning fun, but to also encourage long term memory of skills.  85% of students can learn using traditional teaching methods, however, 15% require different strategies.  If you have any concerns as to what we are working on or how you can support your child at home, do not hesitate to email me.  [email protected]