Welcome to Mrs. Powers Gym !!

Hello Campus School families and students.  I am excited to have a wonderful year with you in Physical Education! 


At Home Field Day!!

I know that everyone looks forward to Field Day! Instead of Field Day being cancelled, lets move it to your house! Here are a few events for the whole family! 
1. Tug of War! 
-grab a sheet and place family members on each side, then pull!! 
2. Pillow Case Sack Race! 
-find some old pillowcases and create a start and finish line 
3. Sponge Race!
- Get 2 buckets and a sponge. Line up in a single file line and pass the sponge over your head. The last person squeezes the remaining water in the bucket behind them (or on top of the persons head in front of you!) Then they run to the front to refill the sponge and start passing it again 
4. Relay Race! 
-Divide your family into 2 or 3 teams. Choose something as a baton for each team. 1 person at a time runs around the house, when they return pass the baton to the next person.  
5. Water Balloon Fight!! 
-Fill as many water balloons as you want and have a family water balloon fight! 

Week of May 11th-15th Lessons

K-1: Teddy Bear Transport
-Grab your teddy bears! 
-Create 2 lines 10 feet apart. Put the teddy bear between your feet and jump from line to line.  How many points can you score in 1 minute!? 
2-3: Toss and Catch Challenge 
-Grab your pillow and something to catch in it (Ex: rolled-up socks, a shoe, a small ball...) 
-Place the item in the middle of your pillow, pop it up and try to catch it back in your pillow.  Every 5 catches do 10 jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or burpee's.  
4-5: Basket Flip Challenge! 
-1 laundry basket, 1 stuffed animal 
-For every 3 jumping jacks you complete you earn 1 basket flips 
-Each time you land the basket up right with the stuffed animal inside you earn a point 
-How many can you earn in 1 minute!? Challange your family to see who gets the most! 

Week of 4/27-5/1 Lessons

County Wide Physical Education Resources: 
Grab a dice or make one! Do this fun interactive activity with the whole family! 
If you are feeling adventurous come up with your own exercises. You can also add in math.  Whatever number it lands on add 5 or whatever number you would like.  
2nd-3rd: The ShoeBox Slide
Create 2 lines 10 feet apart. Step into the shoeboxes. Slide to the line across from you to score a point. How many points can you score in 1 minute?
Full Video w Timer: https://youtu.be/GDme9vB4ZIg
4th-5th: AIR HOCKEY!
A fun and easy DIY activity at home! Try using lids, cups, or bowls. Rolled up towels or blankets work great for the sides! Have a family tournament! 

Lesson Plans 4/20-4/24

County Links: 
I hope you are enjoying the links and lesson ideas! 
What’s your Touch like? Toss or roll a large sock ball into a basket on its side to make it land UPRIGHT! If basket lands upright WITH the sock ball inside= 3 points If lands upright WITHOUT the sock ball inside=1 point
2-3: Make your own Frisbee! 
Create a Homeade frisbee.Throw your frisbee into a basket from different distances to score points.
10feet away=2points
15 feet away=3 points
How many points can you score in 1 minute?
4-5: 4-Square
I know how you all love playing 4-square so grab some chalk, a ball that bounces (playground or basketball) and make a
4-square court! If you don't have 4 people to play that's ok, you can always play with 2 people. 

Week 2 Lesson Plan Ideas!

I hope you enjoy this week's lesson plan ideas!! First and foremost I encourage you to use the Physical Education and Physical Activity links provided by the county: 
Here are some additional lesson ideas that are sure to be fun! 
Underhand Serve a sock ball into a laundry basket from 10 feet away to score a point. How many points can you score in 1 minute? Full video: https://youtu.be/qXCN4eY3Hhc 
Remember to step with your opposite foot and point your arm towards your target! Have fun!! 
Grab a bottle and put a little water in it! Use it to Bottle Flip Chaos! adapted from @OPENPhysEd
Check out the entire video here: https://youtu.be/AZd8oJv6LlM
For every 3 jumping jacks you complete you earn 2 bottle flips.  Each time you land the bottle you earn a point! How many times can you land the bottle in 1 minute?
Create a Backdoor basketball hoop using a box. Create a line 10 feet away. This is the 3 point line. How many shots can you make in 1 minute from 10 feet away? Full video: https://youtu.be/C1xQWdpoadM
Practice the 4 trick shots. Then you have 1 min to make each shot in the order of the list provided.If you miss, attempt that shot again before moving to the next shot. Full video: https://youtu.be/gY5k_S9iVKc
Shoot into a Backdoor Basketball Hoop from different distances to score points. 5 feet=1 point 7 feet=2 points 10 feet= 3 points How many points can you score in 1 minute?

Lesson Ideas!

First and foremost I encourage you to use the county resources for great ideas on how to stay active.  They have amazing websites you can go to for fun activities that incorporate learning as well. Here is the link: 
Below are some other ideas you may want to try for the week! I encourage you to get at least 30 minutes of active play 4-5 times this week.
Make an obstacle course! Go outside to your driveway/sidewalk and make a fun obstacle course using chalk.  Be creative by adding in some jump rope, basketball, or anything else you can think of for your course and it'll be so much fun! Post on twitter so we can see your awesome ideas and how creative you are! 
Look in your garage to see what games and equipment you could use to create your own at home PE game! Come up with rules and play it with the whole family.  
Grab your family and basketball to play a fun game! It can be a small basketball game or a friendly shooting competition! Don't let your parents show you up! Show of your amazing skills!  If you don't have a basketball or a basketball goal then go for a family bike ride around the neighborhood.